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Our goal is an efficient and solid management of our company, for AQUILA to become the best - in other words the most professional corrugated board supplier in Poland in the shortest possible time.

Undoubtedly, the history of AQUILA is our major pride and joy. In less than a decade we managed to achieve a significant position on the corrugated board market and to create a brand appreciated for its quality and product. During these years we’ve built three dynamic plants. We still do our best to fulfill the initial idea of our enterprise. What we wanted than was to see how the others do it and simply do it better.

  • 2005

    Opening of the Września plant

    The beginnings of AQUILA date back to 2005. Our newly established company was than registered and we adapted the buildings in Września for our first factory. On December the 15th the first ream of corrugated board left the production line. Our product and brand quickly gained the trust of growing customer group both in Poland and abroad. Caring about their satisfaction and in response to their trust we decided to invest in the product quality. This required complex actions. We've emohasised the knowledge and control over the raw material, as well as improving the supervising of the whole production cycle.

  • 2009

    Opening of the Radomsko plant

    It soon turned out that our factory in Września is not able to meet the challenge of the changing market alone. That is why in 2009 we decided to build another one in Radomsko. This plant has been built from its foundations to the rooftops based on the experiences from Września. Our team of specialists designed a place where the board and the personnel are the priority. A well organized production was also important, but what we wanted the most was a unique spot like none of its kind, in other words, an existing model of a corrugated board factory. Looking back we can say with no fear of contradiction that this goal has been achieved.

  • 2014

    Plany budowy kolejnego zakładu

    This can be proven by a plan of building another plant, this time in the southern Poland to improve the cooperation with our Southern European partners. As model solution we will most definitely choose the well functioning plant in Radomsko. We didn't forget about the labs. On the contrary, we are still investing in their development by equipping them with more and more advanced machinery to supervise the product. It is being currently prepared for acquiring the PCA Certificate to make it an official outpost where anyone can get binding results of paper and corrugated board tests. These labs are our showcase, the certificate of quality.

  • 2050


    In the halfway point of the 21st century AQUILA is an important producer of corrugated board in Europe in a world where corrugated, a product created entirely from renewable sources, is used by the designers to create everyday products - from printers to furniture, cars and even houses. Science-fiction? It is almost a reality. Still not convinced? Visit: www.corrugated-ofcourse.eu


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