State-of-the-art laboratory

The keystone of our approach to the product is built on our advanced monitoring of raw materials and our expertise of them. The laboratory became almost like a quality command centre which has been under development continually from the launch of our business. It was then when we realised that investing in specialised equipment to let us to provide the best control of congregated cardboard produced by us is absolutely an imperative.

Over the years, sophisticated machinery was applied by the laboratory to provide in-depth examination of both paper and cardboard.

Paper testing: Cardboard testing:
- basis weight - basis weight
- moisture - moisture
- Tensille Stiffness - FCT
- COBB - Burst
- Bending stiffness (based on the 4-point method)

Yet again, as for production, it is not machinery but our experienced and qualified staff that make the grounds of success of this relevant part of our company.

Advanced certification

In April 2014 we reached an advanced level of specialisation in our laboratory, where we perform opinion-forming tests on paper and cardboard. It was confirmed by the PCA (Polish Accreditation Centre) certificate granted when we completed its very complex certification process.

Thus, we guarantee the highest standards of conducted measurements, which lets any interested entities to commission tests on paper and cardboard in our laboratory. The results of all our tests are binding and confirmed by certificates.

We are in a small group of laboratories in Poland with such competences and will make it our priority to stay the quality leader in the future.

We hold the following certificates:

  • ISO 17025:2005 Certificate
  • FSC® Certificate

To download:

FSC® Certificate.pdf

More information on the certificate / accreditation can be found on the PCA website:



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