We aim to efficiently and reliably manage our company to make „Aquila” – in the shortest possible time – the best i.e. the most professional supplier of corrugated cardboard in Poland.

Undoubtedly, the history of AQUILA is much to be proud of. In less than a decade we managed to achieve a significant position on the corrugated cardboard market and to create a brand known for its quality and product. Over these years we have set up three thriving plants. And still we have been working hard to fulfil our business aspirations which we had at the start of our business. Then we wanted to see how others do the business and simply do it better.


Opening of our factory in Września

The beginnings of AQUILA date back to 2005. At that time we registered the company and adapted buildings in Września (at 6A Objazdowa Street) to set up our first factory. On December 15th, the first ream of corrugated cardboard left the production line. Our product and brand quickly gained the trust of an increasing number of customers in Poland and abroad. To their satisfaction and in response to the credence we were entrusted with, we decided to invest in the quality of our products, which required us to undertake multi-faceted actions. Thus, we decided to tighten control procedures over raw material and widen our knowledge on it as well as to improve our supervision over the full production cycle through high-tech laboratories.


Opening of our factory in Radomsko

It soon became clear that our factory in Września itself was not able to meet the increasing market demands. Therefore, in 2009 we decided to build another factory in Radomsko. This plant – from its foundations to rooftops – was built on the grounds of our experience gained from the business in Września. Our team of specialists created a place where corrugated cardboard and the staff accountable for its production take the lead. Good organisation of production was a priority for us, but we also wanted to make this place unique and exceptional – in short – to become a model cardboard factory. Looking back, we can proudly admit that we have achieved this goal.


Opening of our factory in Września

Building another plant, this time in the south of Poland, in Skarbimierz, confirmed the business success of AQUILA. It contributed to the development of co-operation with our Southern European contractors. The factory in Radomsko (as being fit for this purpose) served as a model for this new plant. And all the time we had the laboratories in mind. We continued to invest in their development by equipping them with more and more advanced machinery to monitor the product. The laboratory in Września has already been certified by the National Accreditation Centre (pol. Państwowe Centrum Akredytacji), which made it an official institution where anyone may request testing and obtain its binding results. Laboratories are our hallmark and pride, the certificate of the AQUILA quality.


Into the future

At the halfway of the 21st century, AQUILA has been a major European producer of corrugated cardboard in sheets – the material which is made of fully renewable and biodegradable raw materials and used by professionals to design everyday items – from printers to furniture, and even houses. Science-fiction? In fact, it is nearly a reality. To find out, visit: www.corrugated-ofcourse.eu