Unlike many other packaging manufacturers, in AQUILA we are engaged in the production of corrugated cardboard only. It means that for us this is the key product, which we have been focussing on since the very start of our company.

Therefore, our customers are always confident of the quality of raw material they get. They can also rely on our flexible team of specialists that will tailor products to their individual needs. We are focused on low-volume production series. The manufacture of short formats at no extra charge is also a standard element of the AQUILA’s regular product offer. The product offer has no holds and many customers find our delivery timing surprisingly fast. We are not an integrated company so our business vulnerability to market fluctuations is low. At the same time, we provide independence, stability and safety of raw materials and their deliveries, as we are supplied by several paper mills in Poland and abroad.

Consumption of cardboard in Poland per capita is still lower than the one at our western neighbours, although the merits of this material cannot be overestimated. This year, AQUILA will produce more than half a billion square metres of corrugated cardboard, which contributes to the promotion of this raw material in Poland and stabilises the company’s high share (around 30%) in the corrugated cardboard market.

Listening to the market, search for niches, investments made in machinery and individual approach to contractors shape the path of our development and make us a unique supplier of corrugated cardboard.

Cardboards: from B to F

Generally the job is as easy as ABC. You have to glue three pieces of paper together and cut them, says Grzegorz Pawlak, Plant Manager in Września. Yet for anyone who has seen the production line and all the committed staff working 'at full blast’, this process seems much more complicated. Grzegorz Pawlak quickly adds that it has to be done with the maximum speed and the minimum cull. This is achieved thanks to the know-how developed over a decade based on the 'less is more’ rule.

The AQUILA factories produce three-, four- and five-layer cardboard with its basis weight ranging from 80 to 250 grams depending on customers’ needs. In other words, during 2.5 shifts, the AQUILA factories produce cardboard which covers the way from Września to Warsaw (over 260km).

We offer cardboard in BC and EF as well as BC EB, EE, EF, BB and EC corrugation profiles. In the near future we plan to expand our product assortment with other profiles as well. For production we use a wide range of white and brown papers in basic classes such as testlinerliner and wellenstoff as well as higher quality classes – fluting sc and kraftliner.

Low volume series ordering is a major asset for many customers and quick supply dates and „Just in Time” deliveries make us a unique manufacturer of corrugated cardboard on the Polish market. For many years now we have been focused on the perfection of our product to assure customers that they receive it from professionals.



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