• VPK Group

AQUILA in the VPK Group

Since 2005, i.e. since its very beginning, AQULA has been a member of the VPK Group which gathers cardboard manufacturers from all over Europe. The VPK Group has a long business tradition dating back to 1935 and currently operates in 20 countries and 70 plants, employing around 6,200 employees and generating a combined income of € 1,415 million.

The Group has been established on the following principles: environmental protection and recycling of raw material as well as keeping consistent, high standards of product and production processes by all its members.

It is good to be a part of an organisation which values preserving the environment and keeping the high standards of offered products.

VPK Packaging Group NV
Kareelstraat 108
9300 Aalst
België / Belgium
tel. +32 52 26 12 08


VPK in numbers

VPK produces and markets following products:

  • 2 000 000 000 m² of corrugated cardboard packaging
  • 381 000 tons of solid cardboard packaging and cores
  • in doing so, we generated 63 290 MWh of green electricity
  • as well as 247 419 MWh of green heat