Advanced raw material control and comprehensive knowledge about it are the pillars of our thinking about the product. Our laboratory, which we have been developing continuously since the beginning of the company’s existence, is a specific quality control center.

It was then that we realized the need to invest in specialized equipment that would enable us to control the corrugated board we produce in the best possible way. Over the years, the laboratory has developed complicated machines that allow for in-depth examination of both paper and cardboard.

Paper testing:

  • basis weight
  • moisture
  • SCT
  • Tensille Stiffness
  • COBB

Cardboard testing:

  • basis weight
  • moisture
  • ECT
  • FCT
  • Burst
  • Bending stiffness (based on the 4-point method)

Advanced certification

In April 2014 we reached an advanced level of specialisation in our laboratory, where we perform opinion-forming tests on paper and cardboard. It was confirmed by the PCA (Polish Accreditation Centre) certificate granted when we completed its very complex certification process.

Thus, we guarantee the highest standards of conducted measurements, which lets any interested entities to commission tests on paper and cardboard in our laboratory. The results of all our tests are binding and confirmed by certificates.

Posiadane certyfikaty:

  • ISO 17025:2018-02 Certificate
  • FSC Certificate

Do pobrania:

Certificate PCA
Certificate FSC.pdf

More information on the certificate / accreditation can be found on the: