Corrugated cardboard in sheets with various corrugation types are the specialty of our factory in Radomsko. We address this product to packaging manufacturers and other recipients of high-quality cardboard.

The factory in Radomsko was established in 2009 when AQUILA operating in Września had already settled its position on the market and gained the trust of its customers. The demand for our cardboard was so high that it was clear that opening a new production plant to supply the southern part of Poland was a must. It let us to provide a higher level of quality in the process of corrugated cardboard production – a model factory which would be staff-, product- and environment-friendly. Based on the experience gained in Września, our team of specialists set up a new place to produce more, faster and better. It is achieved due to the advanced technology of production lines, state-of-the-art laboratory where our product and raw materials are constantly monitored and, above all, thanks to our engaged staff at all levels of the organisational structure.

Just like the factory in Września, the Radomsko plant has been FSC-certified and adopted an individual approach to its customers offering them, if required, a variety of non-standard products as well.