The factory established in Września launched its production in 2005. Our investments into new technologies quickly made it one of the most modern corrugated cardboard production plants in Poland.

It is due to not only the excellent production-line provided by FOSBER with the SYNCHRO system, well-equipped laboratory where both raw materials and final products are subject to continuous inspection, but, above all, due to the companionate and experienced staff working for a decade for the perfection of our product. The key of the AQUILA’s success is not efficient machinery but our team made of people genuinely engaged at all levels of our organisational structure.

We specialise exclusively in the production of corrugated cardboard in sheets in various corrugation types. Our product is primarily addressed to small and medium-sized packaging producers and all kinds of business entities interested in high-quality cardboard treated as raw material. The factory has also been FSC-certified.

In our business relations with customers we strive to be unconventional, offer extensive assistance and, if necessary, any customised product they wish.